Sarah Hewitt

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico for nearly twenty years I have had a rich experience as an artist and designer. Over my career I have worked with international art exhibition organizers, fine-art publishers, museums and galleries, small businesses and artists around the country. Along with my own studio work I provide artists and galleries with a range of services from design, critiques, career and business development consulting. I love to work with clients at all levels of development. Together we look at their individual needs and ideals to see how goals may be achieved.

Some facets of the artist's practice we examine:
• Writing & critical thinking
• Work critiques
• Research & development of a studio practice
• Locate support for work through publicity, residencies, grants, & exhibitions
• Determining financial goals and support that is needed to sustain a creative life
• Assess marketing and presentation materials in print and online. If marketing materials are needed I am able to provide full design services for print and web
• Advertising and press outreach
• Project budgeting and resourcing

Coaching strengths include:
• Specialty: bridging fiber works with contemporary art
• Collaborating with and navigating the contemporary art world
• Finding resources and support for projects
• Preparing emerging artists for their "launch" and supporting established artists as the reach for higher goals
• Studio & Exhibition budgeting
• Establishing and exceeding set career goals

Artists/business owners/visionaries do not have only one job-making the work. That is just the first step. Much support and development is needed to sustain the artist/business/organization. Having a clear, pre-cise idea of how you want "you" and "your work" seen is essential. Over the last few years I have had the honor to work with many outstanding artists and organizations. Some artists I work with for years, others for an individual project. Please do not hesitate contacting me with any questions or concerns.